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DC Group Coaching Series: Managing Triggers


"Triggers are like little psychic explosions that crash through avoidance and bring the dissociated, avoided trauma suddenly, unexpectedly, back into consciousness." ― Carolyn Spring

"The people who trigger us to feel negative emotions are messengers. They are messengers for the unhealed parts of our being." - Teal Swan

"I wish it were a thing to have trigger warnings in books or movies.”#changetheconversation

"We are not victims of our emotions or thoughts. We can understand our triggers and use them as tools to help us respond more objectively." - Elizabeth Thornton

"Today create emotional freedom. Use being triggered by the world around you as an invitation to go within and choose a new experience." - Gary Zukav

Do you sometimes get really upset about relatively minor things (dirty dishes left in the sink, a person who took a parking spot you had waited for, a friend running a few minutes late for dinner? These are triggered responses. Come to this series to understand these feelings and develop strategies to manage your responses. We will learn about triggers - what they are and why they have such a strong impact on our behavior. In a safe environment, we will understand how to examine and work with them. It is an insightful and powerful conversation. See you there.

Sessions held at Yoga District  (1910 14th St NW location) on consecutive Thursdays - June 28th, July 5th July 12th & July 19th

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