What My Clients Have Said About Working With Me

Life changing!
— Saundra
Patrice is such a guiding light. There are so many times that she helped me get “ah ha” moments!
— Ayesha
Being coached by Patrice is a calming, peaceful, profoundly impactful experience. She helped me to remember things that I was not aware I had forgotten. She assisted me in creating next steps for my life that have been empowering, fun and transformative.
Coaching with Patrice made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. It made me see myself in a different light. Patrice made me see that I could rise and I could shine - she helped me to understand how my own perceptions were holding me back
— Pratibha
In the process of coaching, I have come to realize things about myself - have epiphanies - that have allowed me to change the ways I am behaving and change myself for the better. It has given me the ability to see my patterns and crack them. I have been able to apply these new behaviors at work and immediately noticed the impact.
— Laura
Because of your guidance, willingness and knowledge, you have brought out the best in me! You always knew when I wasn’t myself and you encouraged me to be no one else but who I want to be. I have accomplished so much these past two months because of you - because you gave me the confidence I needed. For that, I am forever grateful.
— Bree
I worked with Patrice for a few months and really appreciated the way she asked questions – always steering me toward my own truth and my own answers – and listened deeply. The questions were thought provoking, even stopping-me-in-my-tracks. I remember one especially raw session when I was feeling disappointed in my own performance at work. She challenged me. A door opened for me that day and the stress stayed behind. I’ve struggled with articulating what’s on my mind and I thank Patrice for helping me to do so
— Jean
You know that I coach, but you may not know that I have a coach. Her name is Patrice Ford and she combines intelligence and compassion in an approach that has helped me immeasurably over the last few months. Seriously, you can imagine how much I think of her and the work she does if I am providing a testimonial for someone in MY line of business.
— Orlando
My work with Patrice gave me the clarity I need to not only realize what I wanted as a career, but also the courage to go after the career that i want.
— Ricardo