Where your life is the reward and your greatness is non-negotiable

I worked with Patrice for a few months and really appreciated the way she asked questions – always steering me toward my own truth and my own answers – and listened deeply. The questions were thought provoking, even stopping-me-in-my-tracks. I remember one especially raw session when I was feeling disappointed in my own performance at work. She challenged me. A door opened for me that day and the stress stayed behind. I’ve struggled with articulating what’s on my mind and I thank Patrice for helping me to do so
— Jean
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Need some help?

I get it. Sometimes our friends and family aren't the right go-to people. I will provide a safe space for you to share the challenges you are having. I also offer you a mini coaching session so that you get insight and direction on a challenge you have today and a taste of the coaching experience to see if it is right for you. (No obligation - the consultation is free)

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Have a clear problem to tackle?

You don't have to be stuck. Coaching with Catapult provides you with significant and measurable success towards a challenge you are having. New possibilities will open up. You won't see life or yourself the same way again.

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Need an overhaul?

I know. Sometimes it isn't just one issue at a time. Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and you can't imagine it being different. If you are here, there is a part of you hoping it can. It can. Let's exhale and figure it out.

Patrice created a warm environment but also challenged you to push yourself to your edge and asked good questions to get you thinking. The small group setting was ideal. Recommend!