Life Changing!
— Saundra (Group Client)

Saturday April, 27, 2019

You are smart. You are capable. It’s likely that others believe this. But you’re still not feeling fulfilled. Or maybe you’re not feeling like you’re enough.  Or maybe you haven’t had the space to figure out your feelings.

We have created a space for you to let go of your responsibilities for a while and focus on a different possibility for your life. You will embark on a powerful journey created and tailored just for you. One where you reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit and step into an experience that changes your life. You are worth it. You deserve it. You are enough. And now is your time.

MIND: An initial consultation before the retreat and an individual coaching session within a month after the retreat. Customized coaching sessions that help you work through the places you are stuck from a Certified Professional coach

BODY: Hands-on workshop for making healthy, tasty meals from a nationally-recognized culinary medicine expert and internal medicine physician. Spaces for yoga and nature walks

SOUL: Guided meditations to both calm and ground your energy. Opportunities for reflection and journaling to integrate your experiences

BONUS: Those staying at the Manor Saturday night will also have the option of a facilitated breakfast discussion on Sunday.

Patrice created a warm environment but also challenged you to push yourself to your edge and asked good questions to get you thinking. The small group setting was ideal. Recommend!
— K.D. (Group Client)


Join us at Wellspring Manor and Spa.
Saturday overnight stay. (Space is limited)

  • Identify your deepest needs and wants

  • Unpack the challenges that are holding you back

  • Step into new possibilities

  • Develop a plan of action

  • Leave refreshed

This workshop helped me tremendously in realizing how harsh I’ve been on myself and how important it is for me to prioritize myself in order to succeed in other parts of my life.
— Nydia (Group Client)

Our commitment to supporting you starts before the retreat and continues after it is over.

The Registration Process

Early Bird Registration expires March 15, 2019

Early Bird Registration | $550 per person
Regular Registration $600 per person (payment plan available)

Early Bird Registration | $500 per person and Overnight Accommodation
Regular Registration $600 per person and Overnight Accommodation (payment plan available)

Have questions? Contact me to schedule a call and learn more.

Tailored to You. Once you submit your registration, you will receive a questionnaire that will provide us with the information and insights we need to personalize your time with us and create an experience that speaks to your needs.

After completing the questionnaire, you will receive a personal call from our host and lead facilitator, Patrice Ford Lyn who will have an initial consultation with you to ensure that she understands your needs, what you want to achieve and answer any questions you might have.

Within a month after the retreat, Patrice will continue to support your journey with a follow up coaching session.

The group coaching session was a perfect mix of prompted introspection and group discussion, so I felt like I both had space to hear myself think but also to learn from the coach and other class participants.
— Heather

Your Host and Lead Facilitator

Patrice Ford Lyn copy.jpg

Patrice Ford Lyn C.P.C.

Patrice has a depth of experience, passion for helping people thrive and commitment to guiding transformational outcomes.

Clients come to her because they feel stuck between the lives they have and the lives they want.  

As a bisexual, black, immigrant woman, Patrice brings a deep appreciation of the ongoing pressures faced by marginalized groups and the ways these truths can manifest in their lives. She gets it. When you work with her, your greatness is non-negotiable.

Patrice is sought after by clients in the US and numerous foreign countries.  Whether you are feeling stuck in your personal or professional life, know she can help you to thrive.  Her work is so highly regarded that she also coaches coaches! Contact me to learn more about the retreat or coaching.

Thank you for your empathy, your kindness and your ability to push so I could see things another way. It helped me to pause and be calm, largely because you were so welcoming.
— (Group Client)

Frequently Asked Questions

Location: Wellspring Manor and Spa is located outside of Washington D.C. The Manor is nestled in the quaint and culturally-rich Maryland suburb of Prince George’s County. Wellspring is an oasis of peace, quiet, and renewal created for guests seeking a relaxing, wellness-infused experience. It is a sanctuary where you can reconnect with yourself and unplug from the cares of life. It’s a place where your wants, wishes, and desires are of the highest priority. Here, YOU are the center of attention.

Payment Plans: We do provide an option to pay in two installments should that help you to be able to participate. The first installment is paid upon registration and the final installment is due April 1st.

Overnight registration logistics: For those who wish to stay overnight for additional pampering, if you decide to share a room with another retreat participant: the first person registers using the overnight accommodation option and pays for the room; at this point you will be asked for the name of the retreat participant who will share the room.   When the second person registers, they will only need to register for the day-long retreat. Only persons who are registered for the retreat can be accommodated at the Manor overnight.

Accessibility: We will be utilizing spaces that require the use of stairs.

Waiting List: We are intentionally keeping the retreat small to maximize the benefit to participants and to ensure the experience is personalized to those who attend. However, we will maintain a waiting list.

What’s Included:

  • All Meals: Breakfast practicum, with a culinary medicine expert who will lead participants through a demonstration in preparing healthy bites and snacks, lunch, dinner, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages (vegetarian, gluten-free, and pescatarian options for lunch and dinner)

  • For Overnight Guests: Breakfast is also provided on Sunday along with the option of a group coaching discussion with Patrice Ford Lyn.

  • Quiet Tranquility Zones for reflection and meditation. Seven acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, including wooded trails to deepen your connection to nature and ground your restorative experience.

What’s Not Included:

  • Transportation, alcoholic beverages, spa services.

  • For those staying overnight at the Manor, the Spa Sanctuary located on the property may be booked separately at your own expense.

You know that I coach, but you may not know that I have a coach. Her name is Patrice Ford and she combines intelligence and compassion in an approach that has helped me immeasurably over the last few months. Seriously, you can imagine how much I think of her and the work she does if I am providing a testimonial for someone in MY line of business
— Orlando