A New You Awaits

I worked with Patrice for a few months and really appreciated the way she asked questions – always steering me toward my own truth and my own answers – and listened deeply. The questions were thought provoking, even stopping-me-in-my-tracks. I remember one especially raw session when I was feeling disappointed in my own performance at work. She challenged me. A door opened for me that day and the stress stayed behind. I’ve struggled with articulating what’s on my mind and I thank Patrice for helping me to do so
— Jean

Coaching with Catapult


You don't have to be stuck. I will create a safe space to address your challenges. I will empower you to free yourself from fear, mediocrity, and dissatisfaction so you can step into the truth of your greatness. I don’t just help my clients with problems in their life, I help them to transform their understanding of what’s possible. Become inspired to design the life you want.

Not sure what you need? I get it. Life may feel overwhelming and you can't imagine it being different. Sometimes our friends and family can’t provide the support we need. You need someone who will listen deeply. You deserve someone who cares about your health. I will show up for you so that you get immediate insight and direction. New possibilities can and will open up. You won't see life or yourself the same way again.

If you are here, there is a part of you hoping it can. It can. Let's exhale and figure it out.

Meet Your Coach - Patrice Ford Lyn


I know it can feel scary to take risks. 

I have taken many risks and felt the tremendous emotions that accompanied them. 

I have packed up and moved to a different country more than once. I left a "secure" job to do the work I love more than once.  I even left a bad situation and bought an open ticket to Brazil having no idea how long I would be there or what would happen next.  

And, I have also felt the paralysis of fear that kept me stuck for years. 

There is no shame in fear.  It is okay to be scared, but it is important to be courageous.

Let’s get you some peace of mind.

It’s time

Patrice created a warm environment but also challenged you to push yourself to your edge and asked good questions to get you thinking. The small group setting was ideal. Recommend!