What My Clients Have Said About Working With Me

Life changing!
— Saundra (Group Client)
Patrice created a warm environment but also challenged you to push yourself to your edge and asked good questions to get you thinking. The small group setting was ideal. Recommend!
— KD (Group Client)
“The group coaching session was a perfect mix of prompted introspection and group discussion so I felt like i both had the space to hear myself think but also to learn from the coach and other class participants”
— Heather (Group Client)
This workshop has helped me tremendously in realizing how harsh I’ve been on myself and how important it is for me to prioritize myself in order to succeed in other parts of my life. Taking care of myself is key to my success
— Nydia (Group Client)
“Patrice is such a guiding light. There are so many times that she helped me get “ah ha” moments!”
— Ayesha
In the process of coaching, I have come to realize things about myself - have epiphanies - that have allowed me to change the ways I am behaving and change myself for the better. It has given me the ability to see my patterns and crack them. I have been able to apply these new behaviors at work and immediately noticed the impact.
— Laura
Because of your guidance, willingness and knowledge, you have brought out the best in me! You always knew when I wasn’t myself and you encouraged me to be no one else but who I want to be. I have accomplished so much these past two months because of you - because you gave me the confidence I needed. For that, I am forever grateful.
— Bree
Learning how to create a self-care routine had to start with me and this workshop series gave me teh space, guidance and tools to do senf reflection and helped me to center myself
— Jo (Group Client)
I don’t know how people move intentionally from one level to the next without coaching. Patrice called out my faulty beliefs about myself and my ability and challenged me to discover what I really wanted. With Patrice’s guidance and partnership I have been able to name my fears and doubts and take bold steps in the direction of my deepest desires.
— Santana
Being coached by Patrice is a calming, peaceful, profoundly impactful experience. She helped me to remember things that I was not aware I had forgotten. She assisted me in creating next steps for my life that have been empowering, fun and transformative.
I worked with Patrice for a few months and really appreciated the way she asked questions – always steering me toward my own truth and my own answers – and listened deeply. The questions were thought provoking, even stopping-me-in-my-tracks. I remember one especially raw session when I was feeling disappointed in my own performance at work. She challenged me. A door opened for me that day and the stress stayed behind. I’ve struggled with articulating what’s on my mind and I thank Patrice for helping me to do so.
— Jean
You know that I coach, but you may not know that I have a coach. Her name is Patrice Ford and she combines intelligence and compassion in an approach that has helped me immeasurably over the last few months. Seriously, you can imagine how much I think of her and the work she does if I am providing a testimonial for someone in MY line of business.
— Orlando
My work with Patrice gave me the clarity I need to not only realize what I wanted as a career, but also the courage to go after the career that i want.
— Ricardo
Coaching with Patrice made me feel confident that I was doing the right thing. It made me see myself in a different light. Patrice made me see that I could rise and I could shine - she helped me to understand how my own perceptions were holding me back
— Pratibha